It takes many dedicated people to successfully mount a production like this. If you'd like to help out with parking, selling tickets, site maintenance or a host of other jobs, we'd love to have you on board.

2016 Rehearsals

Rehearsals for the 2016 production will begin late April. We look forward to meeting new and returning cast members.




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Director Belita Sanders has written additional scenes for the beginning of the Passion Play. They incorporate the biblical stories of Jesus' birth and childhood, His baptism in the Jordan River, a number of His miracles and the Sermon on the Mount. This updated script will be performed in 2016.


WINNER of 2011 Best Event Based Attraction category in Pembina Valley Tourism's Regional Tourism Awards .

Invitation to Youth Groups

You're invited! Manitoba's Passion Play, set in the picturesque Pembina Valley, invites all youth and youth groups to one of this summer's performances. Our facility is open to you - come and see what we have to offer - an outdoor meditation hike, concessions and lots of open space. This just might be the perfect spot for your summer youth event. Interested in seeing the passion of Christ in a unique way? Call 888-264-2038 for more information and bring your youth group out for an unforgettable, remarkable experience.



Our Beginnings..


Oak Valley Productions Inc. was established as a non-profit, charitable organization in 1998 to encourage Judeo-Christian family values through the creative expression of the arts and the enjoyment of outdoor leisure activities.

In 2000, Oak Valley presented Manitoba's first, locally produced Passion Play. That year, Oak Valley received the Manitoba Innovative Tourism Award.


History of our Passion Play

A Passion Play gives an account of the suffering of Jesus Christ during the last days of His life.

This syle of production began in the Middle Ages as a means of communicating the story to illiterate church people. Oak Valley's made-in-Manitoba version is part of a long tradition in the church and in theatre.

Our production tells a familiar story. We know that for many of you, this theatrical event will be a reminder of the work Jesus Christ was given when He walked our earth some 2000 years ago.

For those who have seldom or perhaps never heard this story, our aim is to show something of the nature and character of Jesus himself and of the overwhelming love of His Father - a love that can touch us personally, even today.

Much of the dialogue is taken directly from various versions of the Holy Bible. Some fictional characters are included to represent people who could have met Jesus.

Please note that in order to keep the production to approximately 2 1/2 hours the events of the Passion story are condensed and incorporated into the script in such a way that the highlights are presented. Some occurrences may be out of sequence; some events that actually occurred separately in the Gospel accounts may be happening concurrently on stage.


"But these words are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the son of God, and that by believing in Him you will have life." John 20:31

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Experience the Passion at Oak Valley's outdoor theatre!
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