This year Manitoba's Passion Play Summer 2024 performances are scheduled for:
July 5th, 6th, & 7th and July 12th, 13th, & 14th.
All performances begin at 7:30pm.
Outdoor Mass on Sunday July 14 at 4pm


"A wonderful representation of the greatest story ever told. May you attract people to the kingdom with this formidable story."

-Somerset, MB

"Very well done. The background scenes are very well thought out and acted. Thanks for sharing the story of Jesus! Thanks for your commitment."

-Crystal City, MB

"Beautiful set, love the animals! Excellent Jesus and actors!"

-Winnipeg, MB

"I have never seen anything like it! Was amazing! Good job everyone."

-La Crete, Alberta

"Truly a world class performance."

-Winnipeg, MB

"Beautiful production, enjoyed it tremendously. Will certainly recommend it to our friends."

-Balmoral, MB

"It was wonderful, I felt the peace in my heart and around me."

-Winnipeg, MB

"Excellent performance! We were in awe - of the location, the actors, the music…Incredible!"

-St. Pierre Jollys, MB

"Well done! I’ve been to several and enjoy (it) each time!"

-Killarney, MB

"Well done. Love the live music. Live animals add a lot to the experience. Awesome witness to the community."

-Morden, MB

"Very well organized, loved the picnic under the trees, meditation hike was beautiful and meaningful. Wonderful production!"

-Brandon, MB

"Beautiful performance. Will recommend to others. Glad we came."

-Esterhazy, Saskatchewan

"The play is very professional and (a) very, very spiritual way of showing us the Gospel. Very beautiful, very helpful!"

-Winnipeg, MB

"Excellent portrayal. Very scripturally correct."

-Winnipeg, MB

"Amazing performance. Makes the Bible come alive."

-La Crete, Alberta

"Manitoba should be proud of this production."

-Winnipeg, MB

"Lovely evening. Beautiful setting. Great performance bringing Jesus to life. May his message touch the hearts of many."

-La Salle, MB

"Excellent job. Beautiful surroundings. First time here and very impressed."

-Winnipeg, MB

"An excellent production; kept a captive audience young and old! Article in free press-well written!"

-Winnipeg, MB

"We really enjoyed this production. It is our second time and we wouldn't hesitate to return."

-Bill & Valerie, Teulon, MB

"We have attended our church services each year for many years...have watched movies about the story of Christ's death and resurrection, but never before have we actually felt like we were a part of Christ's story of who He was, how He and His mother and disciples and others acted and reacted. Thank you for the moving and beautiful portrayal of this most important story."

-Glen & Val

"We both enjoyed the production; it was the focal point of our weekend get away with another couple."

-Jack & Lynne

"Very well done. Much work involved. Lots going on to hold the attention of the audience. Wonderful site - well organized. Worth the 4 hour drive to get here."

-Whitewood, SK

"Your show was absolutely fabulous. The acting was the best. I have been to the Passion Play in South Dakota but was more moved by yours. I'll be telling all my friends."


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